tips to toes

Gel & Dip Removal   $10
Dip Application   $20

Manicure (Normal Polish)   $22
Shape + Polish (Hands)   $15
Gel Manicure   $30
Gel Polish Application (Hands)  $22
Dip + Gel Color Manicure   $50

Pedicure (Normal Polish)   $38
Shape + Polish (Toes)   $15
Gel Pedicure   $50
Gel Polish Application (Toes)   $22
Junior Pedi (File,Push,Cuticles,Scrub,Lotion,Polish)   $20
Heel Fix (Buff Bottoms of Feet)   $20
Baby Foot Peel   $30

French Add On   $5
Marble, Chrome, Glitter Fade, etc.   $2+ Per Nail


manicure tips

- Use cuticle oil to hydrate your cuticles everyday
- Moisturizer your hands daily, especially in the winter!
- If you feel your nails are weak, use OPI's "NailEnvy". It's a two week treatment and never a let down!
- Always have your OPI Gelcolor removed properly at the salon. This prevents any damage to the nails.


pedicure tips

- Use a buffing block in the shower between pedicures
- Always moisturizer after a shower. Preferably with a prescribed Gehwol foot cream
- In the summer treat yourself to an express pedi! It's the best way to prevent dry skin due to extra
exposed feet in between pedi appointments
- In the winter treat yourself to an extra paraffin treatment to really infuse moisture into the skin