Laser Hair Removal

- Pre Laser Prep -

- Avoid waxing, tweezing, threading and electrolysis for a minimum or 4 weeks before your treatment: shaving and trimming is perfectly okay
- Avoid active tanning in the area to be treated for 4 weeks prior to your treatment
- Discontinue the use of self tanning products 2 weeks prior to treatment

- Pre Treatment Prep -

- Hair must be freshly shaved before session
- No moisturizers, makeup or deodorant on the skin to be treated
- A topical numbing cream, or ice can be applied before treatment
- Typical headache / pain medication can be taken 20 minutes before treatment

- Post Treatment Care -

- Area should be kept clean and cool
- Avoid sports, gym work, swimming in chlorinated pool or other exercise
- No saunas, hot tubs, steam treatments or chlorinated pools
- Limited exposure to sun is recommended, and absolutely no tanning beds or artificial tanning between treatments

All laser treatments are priced during a free consultation.
Single sessions and packages are available.